A fast and easy application of this silico-polymer protects all removable and fixed appliances from bacterial colonization, odors, plaque buildup, and stains.

One applicator tip holds enough to treat four denture plates or multiple appliances such as retainers, aligners, mouth guards, night guards, etc.

See below for a description.

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The Problem & The Solution

Every lab knows that nasty smell from crud and plaque buildup on fixed dentures and all removable appliances.

DentaSEAL Pro will save you from ever having to grind off that crud again. And that will save you considerable time and aggravation when addressing those issues.

Our product is a silico-polymer that coats any substrates and creates a non-stick surface that protects all removable and fixed appliances from stains and plaque buildup.

Applying DentaSEAL Pro is a very quick procedure that only needs to be done approximately once a year or whenever the lab techs see buildup occurring again.

When DentaSEAL Pro-treated appliances return, just run everything under running water, using a brush to easily and quickly remove all buildup. Using your current cleaning product is fine – our coating is not affected. You’ll be surprised what you no longer need to do to get all your cases clean!

If you want to make yourself, your dentists and their patients happy, use DentaSEAL Pro on all appliances coming through your lab.

NOTE: If you are treating products that have already been placed in a patient’s mouth, please order our single-dose vial, DentaSEAL Pro Appliances, to avoid cross-contamination. These single-patient vials can treat two denture plates or a variety of appliances.

NOTE: DentaSEAL Pro should never be applied to the inside of anything that will be cemented or bonded. Call with questions – 800-603-6003.