Full mouth protection on any or all primary or permanent teeth.

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DentaSEAL Pro can be applied on surfaces of any (or all) primary or permanent natural teeth and all synthetic teeth/crowns. It’s fast and easy because there is no requirement to etch, use bonding agents or to light cure.

It is extremely hydrophilic against the surface on which it is applied and its bond is chemical (covalence) which is the most durable of bonds.

It is extremely hydrophobic on lingual and facial applications. It assists in the reduction of biofilm buildup and provides a protective barrier from food and drink that can stain and dull teeth over time, making it the most innovative and pioneering coating on the market.

Less biofilm, less plaque, and less calculus means less chance for periodontal disease and an improved oral environment, assisting in one’s overall oral-systemic health.

*DentaSEAL Pro is inert, non-toxic, and its medical-grade silicone oil is produced in an ISO-certified facility