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DentaSEAL Pro Product Line Application Instructions

Dry, apply, wipe! 

Thank you for your interest in the DentaSEAL Pro product line! The transparent material pre-loaded on the tip of the wand applicator will cover an entire mouth, a set of dentures, or the equivalent in appliances.

This simple and fast application requires no etching, no bonding agents, and no curing.

NOTE: Before applying to resolve sensitivity issues, please be sure to test for and correct any underlying pathologies that might be creating the sensitivity.

For all applications, whether as a coating, to address sensitivity, or applied to any appliances, follow these directions and you’ll enjoy seeing (as will the patient) exciting and positive results!

  1. Do not apply fluoride prior to the application of DentaSEAL Pro.
  2. We suggest completing one full arch at a time; this will allow you to buff off the residue before it sets up.
  3. Isolate tooth surfaces with cotton rolls to create a drip-free environment.
  4. Dry teeth with air or cotton (tooth surfaces do not need to be desiccated).
  5. Open the tube and use the pre-loaded wand applicator to methodically paint all surfaces you wish to cover.
  6. You may also use a gloved finger or microbrush for very hard-to-reach areas at the back.
  7. For interproximal application, use a microbrush, expanding floss, or dental tape to drag the material from a treated surface onto interproximal areas.
  8. If using dental tape or expanding floss, make back-and-forth/up-down motions and pay special attention to the interproximal contact point.
  9. Once each arch is treated, vigorously and thoroughly buff all surfaces with gauze. This creates a slick, thin layer. The thinner, the better is how this material works so the more you buff, the better its performance. Don’t worry, DentaSEAL Pro creates an immediate bond so it can’t be rubbed off!
  10. Continue to the other arch, repeating those same steps.
  11. If applied for sensitivity, have your patient swish some hot or cold liquid afterward. The pain should be resolved. If it is not, repeat application on sensitive area and retest. We have had a 100% positive outcome for sensitivity when there is no underlying pathology.

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